NAT technology at home and mobile networks. Why do ASTROPROXY have a high trust?

The essence of Astroproxy's success is that our proxies use the problem of lack of real / white IPv4 addresses.

Users of home and mobile Internet are given “gray” addresses of providers and there are always a lot of users behind one white address of the provider, due to NAT technology, the fundamental technology on which home and mobile Internet is built (and most networks with a large number of users), since each user You cannot issue a white IPv4 address.

Remote sites cannot see the "gray addresses" (the addresses are located behind the NAT provider), they only see the white IP addresses of the provider.

Accordingly, if a remote service, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, easily blocks your “individual proxy for $10, ultra-white and good,” simply adding it to the IP blocking list (since this is just a server address that no one else uses) , but this cannot be done with mobile and residential addresses, because not only the bot, spammer or account manager, but also ordinary users will suffer.

And the “individual” server proxies is a relic of 2007, maybe then they worked, right now, any large platform will block such an “individual proxy”, by the criterion that it belongs to the data-center / dedicated server / vds.

You can check the type of your proxies, your home or mobile address on the site in the Extended Version -> IP address section.

If you see a datacenter there, then your proxies will be immediately banned at the first need, which cannot be said about residential / mobile addresses.

If you still have any questions contact the contacts below and we will answer about everything related to residential and mobile proxies.